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We at Caye Collection have been turning our focus towards being more environmentally friendly and sustainable to the environment.  
Sustainability is something that can go un noticed however our objective is to try do our bit for the environment and minimise the effect our business has. 
Ways in which we are trying to do our bit includes. 
One of the most harmful items is plastic. We are no longer using plastic satchels, all our orders are packed in recycled environmentally friendly kraft paper.
Another way in which we are minimising our impact on the environment is we no longer attach Swing Tags to our garments, Swing Tags are a great addition to our garments but knowing the environmental impact they have, not only in the production of them but the dispose of them is something we can simply eliminate and again further our contribution to our sustainability footprint.  
Caye Collection aspires to continue to implement eco-friendly practices to better our brand and our environmental foot print.  
If you have any questions/tips on how we can better our environmentle impact please contact us as we are always wanting to grow and your voice is always valued.